Historical facts

Established in 1980 and during all these years Lagitre has been giving to the HLA laboratories only high quality and competence.
From the very beginning Lagitre started Terasaki trays distribution for HLA typing in 1981.
The first collaboration with UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), at a later stage with One Lambda, established by Prof. Paul I. Terasaki,
allowed to Lagitre the start up of business activity expanded in the future.
One Lambda appeared in 1984 had entrusted to Lagitre the exclusive distribution of products for HLA typing keeping in this way
the continuity in distribution started 3 years before with UCLA.The partnership with One Lambda is being consolidated today and with
the new ownership Thermo Fischer Scientific is being renewed with the increasing enthusiasm confirming the new technologies and certifying
the variety of HLA products always up-to date.

In 1989 Lagitre organized the first scientific and practical "HLA Workshop" (Forte dei Marmi, Italy) with successive scientific meetings all over Italy.
An important experience in ten-year period centered on LABtype e LABScreen Users from year to year.

Lagitre is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

In 2010 appeared Lagitre International srl for distribution and assistance throughout the African continent.
In the same period Lagitre International Tunisia and in 2011 Lagitre International South Africa were founded.


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